Thursday, 1 May 2014

Care for your horse
Care for your horse
I have over 10 years experience of looking after horses in all circumstances and also have over 17 years extensive riding experience. I have experience with horses in recovery from severe abdominal surgery, temperamental mares and stubborn ponies. During my time working with horses I began to realise just how hard it can be to find the time to both enjoy your companion as well as look after it. Because of this and of course my love for horses I am now able to offer horse owners the help and support they need.
Whether you are simply going on holiday or just cannot find the time with your workload to attend to your horse daily, I am now available 7 days a week from morning to evening to care for your horse. My services include full-livery, part-livery, lunging exercise, riding exercise and confidence building riding lessons for you and your horse.

I currently cover the Leicestershire area, however I am willing to travel beyond, if required.

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